Coffee by the Pound

Merlin’s Coffee features a huge variety of premium coffees that are sure to please any palate, expertly roasted in small batches and delivered fresh.

Fresh, small-batch roasted coffee from around the world. We feature a wide variety of light & dark roast coffee, as well as premium Swiss-process decaf, and an assortment of delicious flavors. All of our flavored coffees are also available in decaf.

Find Your Perfect Cup

At our coffee roastery, we’re dedicated to delivering the ultimate coffee experience. We meticulously select the highest-quality coffee beans from diverse corners of the globe, each with its unique flavor profile. Our commitment to excellence extends to the roasting process, where we handle every batch with precision and care. By roasting in small batches, we ensure that each variety reaches its full potential, unveiling its distinct flavors, aromas, and characteristics. The result is a cup of coffee that is not just a beverage but a sensory journey. Discover the remarkable difference that fresh, small-batch roasted coffee can make in your daily coffee ritual.

Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans feature a delicate flavor profile with bright acidity, floral notes, and mild caramel sweetness.

Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee beans offer a bold, smoky flavor with a rich, full-bodied taste and subtle bitterness.


Decaf coffee beans provide a caffeine-free option with a milder taste, preserving the essence of coffee without stimulation.


Flavored coffee beans infuse unique tastes like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut, enhancing your coffee experience with delightful aromas.